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Mon Oct 17 14:34:41 UTC 2011

A replacement breakfast cereal for Glucerna w/strawberries?
Asked By: jenalynn  

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I'm a type 2 who use to eat a cup of glucerna w/strwberries and taking fast & long acting insulin. The company called (Abbott) removed the product from the market. Any replacement suggestions? Would eat 1cup glucerna w/1cup soymilk in am. They claimed their cereal prevented spikes in blood glucose.
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-10-26 12:04:37.0

Hi bkjlnct1, I'm sure you're not alone in looking for a replacement for Glucerna cereal since it has come off the market. First, you should know that many people with diabetes choose not to have cereal at all, because it's so high in carbs and often causes blood sugar to spike. You're better off with less refined, unprocessed foods like eggs, meat, vegetables, and fruit whenever you can.

That said, if you love cereal and find your blood sugar levels can handle it ... the only Glucerna cereal I can find info on is Crunch Flakes 'n Almonds. This cereal contains 24g of carbs and 5g of fiber in a 3/4 cup serving.

One popular, whole grain cereal called Kashi GoLean contains 30g of carbs in a 1-cup serving, but also delivers 10g of fiber and 13g of protein. Frankly, it's a much healthier choice. But you can browse the cereals available and just look at the nutrition facts. Go for the lowest carb, highest fiber and protein.

As for what you put in it, 1 cup of whole milk contains 13g of carbs, 1 cup of half and half contains 10g, and 1 cup of unsweetened soy milk contains between 4g and 8g depending on the brand. Some people mix milks together to get the best taste and lowest carbs.

Good luck to you!

Answered By: Lynn Prowitt
Accreditations: Senior Editor, Food and Nutrition
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Community Answers (8)
2012-06-08 23:09:51.0

I mix Special K Protein and Fiber One original in Unsweetened Almond Milk. Like others, I miss cereal when i don't have it, but this gives me fiber and protein - and the carb count is acceptable on my regimen if I add some protein to the meal. But the trick may be portion control: I eat it in a very small bowl so that I have a serving or less - enough to satisfy without overdoing it.
Answered By: terrellmcdaniel

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2012-05-18 07:21:44.0

I eat the Special K Protein cereal every morning. I do spruce it up with about a tablespoon of a granola cereal, but it is the best I've found for my BGs. I know that cereal is not the best choice, but I've eaten cereal every morning my entire life and just can't find anything else that satisfies me.
Answered By: mynewislets

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2012-05-15 10:29:11.0

Back When I could eat cereal found TOTAL to be about the best at slowing carb "burn", Now b/s can't stand any, even starting to have trouble using red wheat bran with flax seed to eat fruit
Answered By: auto1355999827645

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2011-11-10 23:33:11.0

You might try Kellogg's Special K Protein Plus cereal (not the regular Special K!) This has a nice balance of protein and carbs with fiber, and some fat grams. The flakes are very crispy and I prefer them soft so I let the cereal soak in milk a little longer than I would with other cereal.
Answered By: nrcbtm1

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2011-11-10 01:29:45.0

Try Uncle Sam cereal. Its been around forever and each flake is a whole wheat berry rolled and toasted. Also is low glycemic and mixed with whole flax seeds. Very little processing involved. I buy the regular plain and put my own fruit on it and maybe a little splenda.
Answered By: homeboy

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2011-11-09 14:30:30.0

Cereal is really a problem - the only national brand I have found is Kix. If you live in Texas, there is a generic cereal at HEB, Special Flakes.
Answered By: merylmusgrave

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2011-11-08 18:25:38.0

I've had good luck with Fiber One Cereal Original. It has 14 grams of fiber in one half cup. Plain, unsweetened Soy Milk only has 4 grams of carbs per cup which is a lot better than cow's milk. I sometimes mix some low carb protein powder in with the soy milk for extra protein. High fiber helps to control glucose levels and keeps you feeling full longer.
Answered By: vivianeagleson

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2011-11-02 00:27:03.0

Lynn, (the dLife expert) is right on the money. You would probably see some excellent results if you can choose a more protein-based breakfast, but cereals of any kind won't help accomplish that. Cereals for breakfast are a tough habit to break if you've been eating them for a long time, and adding 1 cup of milk or soy milk (12 grams of carbs in either) only makes the breakfast worse. If you must have "milk" on your cereal in the morning, try hemp milk. It tastes great, has only 1 gram of carb per cup, is high in calcium, and is a great source of healthy fatty acids, both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. If you can replace the cereal and milk of any kind with a ham and cheese omelet, you should see a real improvement in your blood glucose and lipid profiles.
Answered By: kenhampshire

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