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Sun Sep 25 16:16:56 UTC 2011

my child is 6yrs old and recently been diagnosed with type 1 daibetes how do i deal with it ..... its tearing me up inside.
Asked By: doeboi718  

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2013-05-30 19:59:27.0


Parents want the best for their children. The diagnosis of a chronic disease can be overwhelming. Fortunately there are treatment and support for children with diabetes and their parents.

Learn as much as you can about diabetes. Participate in support group for parents. Meet other parents with children with diabetes and share your concerns.

A child's experience with diabetes is dependent on that child's parents and how well they cope. Parents serve as role models for their children. Maintaining positive attitude goes a long way in helping children grow up to be responsible and independent adults with diabetes.

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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Community Answers (2)
2011-10-27 20:42:44.0

I've talked to so many mothers over the years (I'm a teacher). It must be awful to have your child diagnosed with a disease that will affect the rest of their lives. I remember my own Mom blaming herself and her family genes for my diabetes. My Dad never forgave himself for his anger at my pre diagnosed behavior. I've lived for over 50 years with the disease and never once blamed either of them for anything. Your child needs you to advocate, stay informed, help him/her understand the new lifestyle. He/she will make it through, we all have. Take care of yourself and your spouse. Relax, smile. Find friends with diabetes. Take care.
Answered By: singasong

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2011-09-29 13:24:55.0

I am just a parent, but I suffer from the same sadness. My son was 18 years old and heading off to college the following month when he was diagnosed. I was so distraught, I lost a lot of weight and couldn't get out of bed. I didn't show him my sadness, but inside I was so lost. I told him, that in this day and age, he could do anything he planned to do with his life. He had two choices, let diabetes take over his life and not do everything he wanted to do or he could live his life with diabetes. I had to make the choice to keep him home from entering his first year, AWAY, at college, or send him off so that he realized he could live his life with diabetes. I chose to send him off, I wanted to show him that diabetes wasn't who he was.... rather, he was still who he was WITH diabetes. He has gone sky diving, trains in mixed martial arts and does all the things a healthy 21 year would do, except now, he is smarter. I know my son wasn't six years old when he was diagnosed, but he still is my child and nothing kicks your butt harder than when your child is hurting. So with all that said, you are not alone, it does become easier and it basically comes down to thinking and managing your everyday. As my husband always says, "It certainly can be better, but it definitely could be a hell of a lot worse." All my very best to you and your family...... - Lisa
Answered By: healthyus

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