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Tue Sep 13 14:00:10 UTC 2011

chef Michel Nichan is always using grapeseed oil. Exactly what is this oil-I can never find it in the supermarket.
Asked By: fagala  

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Type 2 diagnosed about 12 years ago. currently on an insulin pump
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-09-15 13:05:18.0

Michel loves to use grapeseed oil because:

1) It's one of those healthy, polyunsaturated oils, most of which are too delicate to use in high heat cooking. Grapeseed oil is unique in that it's good for cooking and also contains antioxidants and confers health benefits;

2) It has a high "smoke point" of 428 degrees so it stays stable in stir-fries and hot sauteeing; and

3) it has a very mild flavor so goes well with almost anything.

Answered By: Lynn Prowitt
Accreditations: Senior Editor, Food and Nutrition
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Community Answers (3)
2011-10-06 11:24:23.0

My local WalMart started carrying one variety about 3 months ago. Also, if you don't mind ordering online, Woodman's Food, a Wisconsin grocery chain, carries it in a variety of flavors as part of their online specialy grocery. Not sure how the site feels about posting links, so I'll leave it to you to google them.
Answered By: chandralyn

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2011-09-23 13:06:40.0

Several supermarkets by me have it most of time (STOP & SHOP, BEST YET & have seen it in FOOD LION), you do have to study every bottle of oil as it is normally very hard to see mixed in with all the other oils and the quanity of it is usually low That been said I don't like it, seems to draw the flavor out of the food, I use mostly canola oil but the PAM spray grapeseed oil seems to work fine, may be the amount used.
Answered By: auto1355999827645

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2011-09-15 16:06:52.0

But where can I find it?
Answered By: fagala

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