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Tue Jun 25 12:03:21 UTC 2013

I have a Revel Paradigm pump, and I was wondering if I am safe going through the airport security machines .
Asked By: bjanbar  

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the airport security machine I am particularly curious about going through is the one where you stand inside and raise your hands over your head. Is it safe with the pump? The TSA always says it's fine.
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Expert Answers (1)
2013-07-07 10:20:16.0

Insulin pumps are more and more common and they are safe in airport scanners as a rule. I would, however, make sure that you let TSA officials know that you wear a pump ahead of time. I usually bring a doctor's note just for my own peace of mind in case there is any doubt. The note states that you have diabetes and carry supplies,etc. It may also be a good idea to contact the pump customer service line for more specific instructions.
Answered By: susan sloane
Accreditations: B.S.,Rph.,C.D.E.,Nutritionist
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Community Answers (4)
2013-07-06 12:05:37.0

On the flight out, I told the airport personnel that I have a pump and I ended up getting a pat down. I was not thrilled. On the flight back, I went thru the body scanner with my pump on without any problems.
Answered By: kahlers

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2013-07-05 14:12:57.0

I have a Medtronic pump and recently traveled through that same scanner. I did not have any problems either time. I did alert security before I walked through the first time and pulled the cord out of my clothes to show them.
Answered By: sarahblair

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2013-07-05 13:45:22.0

I have an Animas insulin pump and I was told not to let the pump go through the x-ray machine. Have had no problems going through security machine or with the hand-held scanner.
Answered By: kayaker

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2013-06-28 13:32:57.0

I have been through airport security many times with previous versions of the Medronic insulin pumps, I never had a problem. I would just mention that you have one to the security gate personel.
Answered By: dschroter

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