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Fri Jul 01 19:30:18 UTC 2011

I am taking Novolog and Lantus. I take the Lantus before bed, I ran out of the Lantus and can not afford it right now. My sugar is high when I wake up
Asked By: tipme  
Category: Insulin

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What can I do to control this. I take 28 units of the Lantus and the Novolog is sliding scale. I am underweight and eat a healthy diet.
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-07-06 19:43:57.0

Dear IC NOrton- Thank-you for contacting dLIfe.com with your question about affording your Rx.

You are experiencing the result of not taking your Lantus insulin in your elevated morning glucose levels. The basal insulin effect is seeing in the morning glucose levels.

There are a few options for you:

  • Go to the pharmaceutical website Sanofi-Aventis for Lantus and search their pharmaceutical perscription assitance program and see if you qualify. There are lower cost rx programs that are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies as long as you have a MD.
  • The other option is discuss this with your MD and a lower cost insulin is NPH. This insulin is an intermediate insulin rather than a long acting insulin. The cost is considerably less if you are paying cash.

    Please discuss these options with your PMD, Clinic or health care provider and find the best most affordable medication regimen for your self management.

    It is important that you find medications that will help you stay in good glucose control as well as being affordable. Stay well.

  • Accreditations: RN BSN CDE
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    Community Answers (1)
    2011-07-06 16:01:59.0

    It is really not good to stop your insulin. If you are having trouble affording Lantus, you could consider asking your doctor about NPH. NPH is an older insulin and while it has more variability and is shorter acting than Lantus or Levemir, it is also far cheaper, costing only a quarter of Lantus [1]. Please, get your insulin, you need it.
    Answered By: test

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