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Tue Jun 11 16:48:11 UTC 2013

What do you eat when you need low carb, low vitamin K and low protein diet???
Asked By: cyndecat  

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My husband is type 2 on an insulin pump, no longer functioning pancreas, has congestive heart failure and on cumadin and occasionally has gout. So low carb, no vitamin K (leafy greenvegetables), low salt, low protein, no starchy vegetables ... is there anything left to eat???
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Expert Answers (1)
2013-06-13 10:39:42.0

Multiple health conditions with dietary restrictions can be really challenging. It's important to understand the restrictions, as sometimes people take them too far. Your husband should be able to eat a healthy and enjoyable diet.

First, talk to a healthcare provider or read up on warfarin and diet. It's likely that your husband doesn't need to avoid vitamin K (and all those healthy, leafy greens!). It's important to eat a consistent amount and not to eat large portions of vitamin K-containing foods all at once.

I'm not sure why you list "low protein" as one of his restrictions, as it sounds like he should be able to consume a moderate amount of healthy protein foods. To avoid gout flare-ups, he shouldn't go overboard on animal proteins, but it should not require a low protein diet.

As for carbs, your husband (and virtually every adult in the country) should eat a low carb, low glycemic diet made up primarily of unprocessed foods.

Talk to your husband's doctor and get a referral to a registered dietitian who specializes in one or more of his conditions. Your husband is lucky to have you looking out for him. Best of luck.

Answered By: Lynn Prowitt
Accreditations: Senior Editor, Food and Nutrition
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Community Answers (1)
2013-06-18 14:45:15.0

Nice answer Lynn. You covered all the bases on this one. I concur on the low carb, whole food diet recommendation for everyone.
Answered By: kenhampshire

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