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Tue Jun 07 18:40:56 UTC 2011

I am wondering where to find pretty diabetic sandals to wear with skirts. What do other diabetic women wear? All the ortho shoes are so ugly.
Asked By: harpplayer  

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I am a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic who went through a diabetic education class that said I should NEVER wear sandals, which I really rebel against because there is nothing currently wrong with my feet.
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-06-12 18:16:43.0

Dear Harpplayer- Thank-you for contacting dLife.com with your timely summer question.

The concern of for your feet is about stubbing your toe, dropping something on your foot or causing an injury, or wearing shoes with poor support.

If you want to wear sandals please make sure that they have good support, they do not rub anywhere and that you check your feet daily for any blisters, calluses or redness.

There are excellent shoe companies such as Ecco and Merrill to name just two that offer stylish women's sandals that provide support and protection and cushion but look cute.

Just be mindful of good foot care and enjoy the summer!

Accreditations: RN BSN CDE
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Community Answers (2)
2015-08-25 00:25:32.0

After my T2 became more difficult to handle, I mentioned to a friend about how hard it was to find cute shoes with toes to wear in the summer heat. She suggested I try the Footsmart.com site where she gets her shoes, sandals and socks. I started only purchasing items I'd tried on in the store. Later, I found that my feet would swell in summer and I needed wider shoes. Was able to find the same name brands as the other answers here on dLife, but it turns out many that are only in medium width in the store, actually come in narrower or wider widths. Had no trouble returning for full refund if the shoes didn't work. Hope this helps.
Answered By: laffoonv1

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2011-06-29 06:52:44.0

they have"Gladiator style sandals" Go for web sites for active wear, Kleen is a good brand alsoTimberland you get what Im saying also try "Merrell" and Easy Sprit
Answered By: notdoingagoodjob

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