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Sat May 21 21:38:48 UTC 2011

Is wart remover safe to use on feet?
Asked By: rrwatson  

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my daughter who has type 1 diabetes has a small wart on her toe is it safe for her to use compound w or some other sort of wart remover ? on the bottle it says to ask a doctor before use
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-05-23 23:00:48.0

I would have to say no, wart remover is not something you should use on your feet if you are diabeteic. The reason is that most wart removers are nothing more than acid that will eat away at the wart. The bad thing is that the acid can eat away at the healthy skin around the wart and cause an opening for infection. My advice to you would be to see a dermatologist and let them know that you are diabetic prior to having the wart removed to see what the safest option would be. Hope you find this information helpful.
Answered By: kirk spero
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Community Answers (3)
2011-05-28 17:33:46.0

While many "chemical" products are available and "pricey" a truly natural product is the raisin. Simply cut a raisin in half, place the juicy side over the wary and cover with a bandaid. Replace the raisin every time the bandaid comes off. Within a couple of weeks the wart will fall off with no bleeding or scaring.
Answered By: berge

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2011-05-28 07:56:01.0

You can also try Duct Tape, my daughter is also a diabetic..My Grandmother said thats what they used to use,it does take a long while but eventually it will come off with the tape.Make sure feet are dry and put it on before bed,she may want to put socks on.Just cut a li'l piece and apply. But when she had a colony,thats what the Doctor(just our reg. MD)called it.She froze it off in the office,but that took 3 appts. Not painful either, Good Luck :)
Answered By: theresa410

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2011-05-27 10:04:37.0

My non-diabetic daughter had warts on her feet several years ago. Researched treatment options - thought invasive surgical procedures looked painful and would take a long time to heal. Decided to try the all natural wart treatment by Pure Healing - kind of pricey but cheaper than surgery and completely non-invasive - and if it didn't work, surgery could still be an option. Took a few weeks and a lot of bandaids ;-) but she treated them faithfully every night and they slowly disappeared - no cuts, stitches, scars or pain! Also worked on warts on my hands, and I am a diabetic. Was skeptical, but it worked for us and I'm so glad we tried it - I'm a firm believer in the product and I keep a bottle on hand for any wart outbreaks.
Answered By: jdsanford5

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