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Tue May 17 12:06:42 UTC 2011

I have periodics feelings of electric shockthrough my body but mainly in my feet and arms.I have more feeling and have seenactual sparks on my bed.
Asked By: parnello  

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I also get shocks from touching metal objects.
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-05-20 16:52:49.0

Good afternoon ParNello; Thank you for calling on dLife and include us in your diabetes care plan.

You inquire of the potential reasons for feelings of electrical shocks throughout the body, however mainly in your "feet and arms." The first potential explanation would be to attribute these feelings to a form of neuropathy.

Essentially, the nervous system uses electrical currents, to transmit messages within the body. For example, electrical currents travel across the heart stimulating it to beat and pump blood. This is why a strong electrical shock, which will interfere with such currents as these, result in death.

On another note, you describe feelings as electric shocks, or would you also describe these feelings as "tingling, burning, prickling, or sensations of bugs crawling over your skin, any deep aching, coldness or numbness, and the electric shock-like sensations, and especially sensitive skin? These are some of the signs/symptoms relayed about nerve damage. Have you shared these occurrences with your PCP?

Potentially, you are describing a condition referred to as distal symmetric poly-neuropathy or a condition that affects the lower part of the body, impacts both sides of the body and is the result of many nerves being involved. Only your PCP can diagnosis conclusively.

If so, I would encourage your focus on 'prevention to any additional damage' which would be:
  • keep the blood glucose close to normal, i.e.A1C<6.5 or readings not to exceed 140 mg/dl
  • If you smoke, stop
  • if you consume alcohol, moderation is key
  • maintain blood pressure to <130/80 mmHg
  • keep the cholesterol <200 mg/dl
  • investigate with your PCP regarding nerve test, if damage is found, there are treatment options. The earlier damage is detected, the better the response to treatment. Call on us as needed, take care, continue to be your best, regards Sue
  • Answered By: Susan Throop
    Accreditations: RD, CDE, MA
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