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Mon May 16 14:09:52 UTC 2011

How dangerous is having an MRI with three stents on? Also have my fingers hurting all the time mimicking RA, can it be neuropathy? Pain is on the bone
Asked By: olirosa  
Category: Neuropathy

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I have DM insulin dependent, CAD, diabetic neuropathy.
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2011-05-18 13:30:37.0

Good Afternoon OliRosa;

Thank you for including dLife in your self-diabetes care planning. You inquire of the safety of a MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, this process usually involves passing a current through a radiofrequency receiver, (you) and then generates a completed image. This technique/test, is perceived as very valuable in providing soft-tissue images of the central nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Additional, new imaging techniques allow for visualizations of the vascular (small and large blood vessels) system without previous use of liquid contract agents, although some contrast media might be used. MRI is not recommended for patients with cardiac pacemakers or those with aneurysmal clips in place; generally metal is damaged in the MRI testing. The stent, (function to maintain blood flow, and are usually made of stainless steel), which may also contain an expanding mesh if yours was placed in the intraluminal coronary artery/s. Uunless these stents contain metal, the MRI is okay.

Regarding the "fingers hurting, to the bone." Peripheral neuropathy, (PN), usually has a slow progression, sometimes obvious symptoms or can be hidden and discovered only by careful testing. Symptoms often start with a sense of numbness, prickling, tingling, or the heightened sensitivity at nerve sites. The affected area could be diffuse or a focal nerve entrapment. Due to the potential for complication, I would defer to your PCP for definitive diagnosis. Suboptimal glucose control has been blamed for the development of oxidative stress, which may cause the nerve injury.

Call on us as needed, regards Sue
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Answered By: Susan Throop
Accreditations: RD, CDE, MA
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