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Mon May 06 23:54:06 UTC 2013

Can you study abroad with type one diabetes?
Asked By: 9131st  

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If this is possible, and one is self-reliant in maintaining health (own pump site changes, monitoring blood sugars, ect), how would you go about keeping enough supplies? Would you just use your insurance card and go to the pharmacy? The country of interest is Austria or possibly Germany.
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2014-04-26 12:46:04.0

Q: Can a teen with Type 1 Diabetes study abroad?

A: Not if they have an over-protective mother like I had!!

Seriously, an intelligent diabetic teen who has mastered the art of glucose control is probably more mature and prepared for such an adventure than the average student. Congratulations to the whole family!

As far as pump supplies and other medical needs are concerned, I would suggest you request temporary delivery to the address your student will be living at. I know they will do this within the continent and believe they will do so over-seas as well. Just check with them ahead of time to be sure.

As far as insulin or other supplies you may receive locally at a retail pharmacy, I would speak to your pharmacist and see if they can provide assistance with shipping. My suggestion would be to switch to a mail-order pharmacy, at least for the length of time abroad. This would help take some of the burden off of both your student and the host family so they don't have to worry about keeping supplies on hand and available.

Good luck. Bon Voyage. Have a good day, "mate". I hear "the hills are alive" in Austria, so watch your step and have a wonderful adventure. Stay safe.

Answered By: Anne Carroll
Accreditations: RN, CDE
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