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Thu Jan 06 14:46:05 UTC 2011

Will an EKG show atrial fibrillation when the heart is not beating irregular?
Asked By: rev_mattula  

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I have been Diagnosed with T1 diabties feb 2009 and CAD I had an angioplasty June 2009. After the angioplasty I notice irregular hart beats. They do not happen that often. I had several EKG's since then but the Doctor has not said anything about atrial fibrillation.
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-01-06 20:17:12.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an irregular heart beat that changes heart function. AF allows blood to collect in the chambers of your heart. Blood is not moving through your body tends to clot. A stroke can result.

AF is a serious condition and needs to be treated! Don't wait for your doctor to bring up the subject. Talk to him or her about your concerns. AF is diagnosed with an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Click here for details on AF!

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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Community Answers (1)
2011-01-07 04:36:38.0

The EKG will not show anything unless you are having the rhythm at that time unless there is some sort of damage already. What I would suggest is to get in with a cardiologist and they will have you wear a holter monitor for a period of time (usually 24-72 hours) that will record your heart rhythm so that if you do have that weird feeling rhythm, it will record whatever it is. There are several different rhythms that can cause a "fluttering" or "skipped beat" feeling. Some are benign and are fairly normal, so long as they don't occur often. If this is something that happens often, it could also be something as minor as an electrolyte imbalance (Potassium and calcium come to mind). Please see your doctor soon and good luck!
Answered By: pdewey1969

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