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Wed Jan 05 15:35:19 UTC 2011

My pharmacist said I should not take my metformin when I choose to have an alcoholic beverage as long as my blood sugar is good. Is this okay?
Asked By: jenalynn  

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Expert Answers (1)
2011-01-06 20:00:27.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) asserts that alcohol can be incorporated into a diet plan with the following conditions:

  • blood sugar control is already well established
  • other conditions that aren't compatible with alcohol consumption (such as pregnancy or certain diabetic complications) don't exist.

    It is generally recommended that people not use metformin and alcohol at the same time. Often, people are warned to avoid alcohol entirely while taking metformin. Taking metformin and alcohol together can increase your risk of developing a life-threatening condition called lactic acidosis.

    Be sure to talk to your doctor about drinking alcohol while taking any medications. Click here for details on diabetes and alcohol!

    Take care.

  • Answered By: Liz Quintana
    Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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    Community Answers (3)
    2011-01-15 15:24:52.0

    I take metformin and drink some. Hasn't hurt me. Blood sugar stays in range.
    Answered By: mostbigtallguy

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    2011-01-14 22:37:07.0

    I have been on metformin for just over three years. I have a beer or a 6oz glass of wine every evening. I have one, and either or, not one of each. Never had any negitive effect or blood level below 100. But that is me and my diabetes. Your could be completely different. Control your condition yourself, becareful, don't denie that you have it and it is dangerious but don't stop living either. Good Luck
    Answered By: dunigan

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    2011-01-07 17:39:25.0

    I've been dealing with diabetes since 1990. I've taken metformin for almost as long. When my doctor prescribed it, he told me not to drink. Then he said something that stuck with me. "If you drink, call the paramedics first." It stuck with me even though I know he was being dramatic in his advice.
    Answered By: marilynnes

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