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Thu Dec 30 16:59:17 UTC 2010

What would be the normal glucose reading for an 11 yr old child.
Asked By: ecarela  

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My 11 yr old grandson went to the bathroom 3 times in less than an hour, so I tested his sugar it was 152, I took it at ramdom times after that the highest has been 188 and the lowest has been 129, his mother called his pediatrician and the pediatrician said " anything below 200 is fine for a child. is this true? My grandson has family history of diabetes from both side of the family and pacreatic cancer family history.
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2011-01-04 11:50:48.0

Greetings in the New Year Ecarela: Thank you for bringing your concern to dLife, and I must inquire, is he a type 1 or type 2? Family support is very important, great job being there! Super family support and involvement are essential for monitoring blood glucose levels, insulin treatment, meal planning, portion control, and scheduling regular meal times. You list that your grandson is a Type 2, and is taking insulin. I do believe, (or I am assuming-if in error, continue emailing for questions) he is a Type 1. The diagnosis of Type 1 means he requires a total replacement of the hormone insulin. Type 1 in children is a moving target, meaning due to the many factors at 'play' with them, (activity bursts, food jags, sporadic schedules and many other factors), a reading of 200mg/dl is OKAY, generally, level ranges recommendations are: pre-meals 90-180mg/dl, and bedtime 100-180 or and A1C<8%, ADA guidelines. Family members can also encourage regular physical activity, ideally a total of 60 minutes per day; however, blood glucose levels should be checked before beginning a physical activity, as to investigate those variables that impact his readings. However, all these recommendations must be tempered by his 'individuality' and concerns, and I must defer to the healthcare provider for their opinion/suggestion for his continued management. Generally, goals of therapy for type 1 diabetes for children are to:
  • is he achieving normal growth and development,
  • does he achieve desirable blood glucose levels;
  • is he able to recognize extremes of too high or too low,
  • can he trouble shoot for problems. If help is needed in developing these skills, work with his healthcare support team.
    Holiday post-regards Sue
  • Answered By: Susan Throop
    Accreditations: RD, CDE, MA
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