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Tue Apr 23 16:42:44 UTC 2013

inert ingredients in insulin products
Asked By: sierratopten  
Category: Insulin

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I have MCS in addition to DM2. Presently on 15 mg Actos/1000 mg of metformin ER that are not working unless I restrict carb intake to less than 30 gms for meals, and 15 gms for snacks. Petrochemicals are very reactive for me, as in anything related to benzene. Concern if switched to insulin about reacting to the inert ingredients. I have had DM2 for 5 yrs and have controlled it with meds/ exercise/diet. Last A1c of 7.2, chol: 168, HDL: 60, LDL:87, trig:107. , FBS 144. I am 69 yr old, female, Been under care of an Interal Med Dr., have appointment with Endocrinologist beginning of May. Been on Actos for 5 yrs and want to get off of it.
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Expert Answers (1)
2014-05-12 13:21:17.0

The inert ingredients in insulin depends on the exact type of insulin you are referring to. Lantus(R) insulin, for example, is a basal insulin and contains glycerol, cresol, and zinc as some of the inert ingredients. I can honestly say that I have never seen a patient have an issue with any of these; the likelihood would be low to have an adverse reaction to these although there is always a possibility. Check with your health care team for the best advice for you!!
Answered By: susan sloane
Accreditations: B.S.,Rph.,C.D.E.,Nutritionist
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Community Answers (1)
2013-09-14 14:57:33.0

Definitely keep your appointment with the endocrinologist, She will understand your concerns about the inert ingredients in insulin but may recommend it after complete BS testing and interview.
Answered By: trudycox

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