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Tue Apr 16 14:47:07 UTC 2013

sugar levels out of control. have flashing in vision, non stop. eye doc found no retinopathy, just mild cataracts. he said my eyes are clear. help!
Asked By: lisapizza59  
Category: Vision

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Expert Answers (1)
2014-01-30 21:40:59.0

Get more information on vision issues here.
Answered By: Monica Dennis
Accreditations: dLife Managing Editor
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Community Answers (4)
2013-05-24 15:38:33.0

My eye doctor attributed the eye flashing as a throwback from having migraine headaches. Do write back. I worry about you.
Answered By: marilynnes

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2013-05-24 15:36:18.0

To lisapizza59, do call your doctor. He may know of options for you that you can afford. Not taking your meds is dangerous.
Answered By: marilynnes

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2013-04-21 19:54:29.0

Hi kjnk 1959, I know what you mean as I used to have the same thing happen when I was on insulin and my sugar levels would go very low. I would get that same flashing that you describe, then when I would eat something with a bit of sugar in it and that flashing would stop. I never asked my doc about it either , so no idea what it was. I had been unable to afford my insulin for months so had to quit taking it as it was costing me $150.00 a week. Now I have this constant flickering or flashing in both eyes. Eye doc says that my mild cataracts would not cause this as flashing comes from the retina, and both of mine are fine. He says my eyes are clear. I do have a lot of floaters though. He didn't find any glucoma or macular degeneration. I have been a diabetic for around 15 yrs now. It ran in my mom's side of the family. This all started about 7 weeks ago or so. I had to quit my job as i don't just see flickering but also dim lights and , straight lines go wavy. I also get double vision at times. I know it sounds goofy but this is what I am experiencing. My doc called me last friday and left a message that he wants to speak to me about going back on insulin as I am at the maximum dosage of metformin and glipizide and my fasting blood work that the lab did last thursday was 266. I have constant anxiety and stress from the way I see things. Doc has put me on diazepam to help with the anxiety , although it doesn't seem to be working in that respect. I find that this all causes me to feel very confused. I sleep very little and am constantly on edge. People have suggested to me that this all might be from stress/anxiety. I really have no idea, I just know that I worry now that the diabetes has gone to my brain. I don't know! Thank you for taking the time to reply! I hope you are well!
Answered By: lisapizza59

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2013-04-19 16:23:55.0

Hello Lisa, Whenever I'm very low, like under 50, I'll see"flashes" of light even if I close my eyes. I don't know why, I've never asked my doctor. When do you see the flashing?
Answered By: kjnk1959

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