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Sat Mar 30 10:07:10 UTC 2013

Protein supplements like protein bars and drinks seem high in carbs and sugars . Can you assist with diabetes friendly sources?
Asked By: wrowan  

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Expert Answers (1)
2013-04-12 10:07:25.0

It would help to know why you are seeking supplements first. Have you been told you need more protein? Does your job or lifestyle make it difficult to eat meals and snacks made up of whole foods? Before turning to these products, which are processed and typically pricey too, would you consider other types of protein snacks? Nuts and seeds, cheese, yogurt, jerky, and hard boiled eggs are all great, whole food sources of protein. dLife's Food section (see menu bar at top of page) has loads of great food lists, recipes and tips on healthy eating with diabetes. Also, a registered dietitian/certified diabetes educator can help you create an eating plan that fits your needs. Ask your physician for a referral. Good luck to you!
Answered By: Lynn Prowitt
Accreditations: Senior Editor, Food and Nutrition
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Community Answers (7)
2016-03-11 13:14:48.0

I would suggest if you wanted to drink something low in sugar drink diet pop
Answered By: kim456

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2016-02-02 11:49:07.0

Obviously eating a meal would be the best and most healthful option- but when I am in a situation where that isn't feasible- I have been drinking Premier Protein shakes- they are only 160 calories, only 5g carbs; 3g fiber, and a whopping- 30g of protein to keep me satisfied and my blood sugar level for longer.
Answered By: rodrilor

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2015-03-25 12:01:32.0

I have been using EAS AdsvantEDGE carb control & ATKINS "SHAKES". Best price for both I have found is at Walmart
Answered By: auto1355999827645

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2015-03-09 07:44:26.0

I use Nectar Protein Powder - it's 0 carbs and recommended to gastric bypass surgery patients. I am going on my personal experience and I would suggest asking your Doctor before ever starting supplements or nutritional supplements to make sure they will be a good fit for you.
Answered By: gnomie

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2015-03-03 15:13:05.0

Protein bars are very useful for lunch or snacks at your desk or when you are traveling. I use Quest protein bars because they have between 3-5 carbs per bar. Carbrite is another brand that has low carbs as well. I usually purchase them from online vendors like Netrition.com because they aren't easy to find in the stores. It is much easier to carry these in my purse than the items given by the expert.
Answered By: pdh

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2013-04-09 16:19:57.0

Check out Now brand of Yellow Pea Protein Powder, Non-GMO. One serving contains only 1 gram of carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 28 grams of protein. This product can be used in smoothies, soup, dip, etc. The best price I've found is from Swanson Vitamins, especially during a sale. Another low carb protein is Puritan's Pride Soy Protein Isolate Powder. It contains 0 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fat, and 25 grams of protein per serving for the unflavored. This product works good in smoothies, gravies, soup, adds protein to oatmeal and can be used to add protein to many other recipes. The best price I've found for this is from Puritan's Pride Vitamins and I wait for the best sale price and stock up.
Answered By: vivianeagleson

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2013-04-02 20:10:40.0

Power Crunch Bars!!! 10g per bar and are really filling
Answered By: brittsey

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