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Tue Mar 19 16:11:40 UTC 2013

You write about sources of Omega-3's. Yet I can take a fish oil pill am & pm containing more fish oil than salmon or black cod. Why not do this ??
Asked By: sbgood  

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Expert Answers (2)
2013-04-19 16:32:27.0

Also, fish and seafood contain varying amounts of beneficial omega 3s, but these foods are great sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, which of course you miss out on when simply taking a pill.
Answered By: Lynn Prowitt
Accreditations: Senior Editor, Food and Nutrition
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2013-04-19 10:15:07.0

Good question. While studies have clearly shown that eating fish a couple times a week conveys health benefits, the research on fish oil pills has been contradictory. It remains to be seen whether there are clear health benefits, for the general population or people with diabetes, from taking fish oil capsules. Beyond that, there's the question of dosage -- how much should you take? -- and how to discern quality differences among supplement brands.

Also, experts often say, when research on an isolated food ingredient is conflicting, it may be that the ingredient conveys its health benefits best when consumed naturally, as part of a whole food, rather than as an extract in a capsule.

Accreditations: Senior Editor, Food and Nutrition
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Community Answers (1)
2013-04-09 15:32:02.0

When I found out that I had high Cholesterol my Cardiologist wanted me to take fish oil to help lower it. I took one fish oil pill and later on that day my stomach felt really bad and I mean bad. Needless to say not every one can take the pill but they can eat the fish. I think, I myself, would rather eat the fish because I love fish (except raw) and not all the answers are in a pill, IMHO.
Answered By: xpac5896

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