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Tue Jul 13 08:47:02 UTC 2010

I am type 2 and have kept my fasting readings under 100 . Since June 20, My fasting readings now run 107-120, after lunch 123-136.
Asked By: spirit7free  
Category: Type 2

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I take metformin 500 mg x 3 per day, my BMI is 19 and I eat a low-carb diet. My numbers have gone up considerably and I exercise every day, sometimes twice a day (walking, hiking, biking). I can't really limit what I eat as I am trying to maintain my wieght (104 pounds). What am I doing wrong or is my diabetes getting worse? I want to get them back under 100 in the am and in the afternoons back to 100-107 or lower. I usually eat under 100-carbs per day and with the higher BG readings I feel hungrier. When they are lower I am not so hungry and feel much better. Any help would be appreciated. My doctor said to keep doing the same thing but in reading about diabetes, I know that I need to get my numbers lower. Thank you.
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2010-07-14 19:21:14.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

Congratulations for maintaining excellent blood glucose (sugar) control. You have worked diligently making the necessary lifestyle changes with a healthful meal plan and regular exercise.

Diabetes is a progressive disease. Over time, the pancreas' ability to secrete insulin lessens. With less insulin, blood glucose will gradually increase.

If your pancreas is "worn out," a lower carbohydrate intake and more vigorous exercise schedule would not improve your blood gluccose levels. You already cut back on the amount of carbs in your meal plan. We usually recommend that adults eat at least 130 grams of carbs daily to maintain their liver glycogen stores.

I recommend that you talk with your doctor about your concerns. You may benefit from a minor adjustment in your diabetes medcine. He or she can explore various options for achieving optional blood glucose levels.

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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