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Fri Mar 01 19:57:31 EST 2013

My glucose levels are fine in the morning, I don't over eat, yet my sugars climb all day. If I increase my Lantus I go low during the night.
Asked By: shrinkingmama  
Category: Insulin

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2013-07-31 13:18:33.0

It sounds like your insulin increases with meals and snacks. Try eating a low carb diet. By that you can eat all the meats, cheese, eggs, fish, chicken or poultry you want because these are zero carbs. You can eat protiens and vegetables, especially green salads as much as you want. Watch the salade dressings. Also butter is zero carbs. But what raises our blood sugars are grains, potatoes, breads, pastas, these kind of carbs usually raise the blood sugars of all diabetics. Our bodies don't process foods like non diabetics. If you keep a journal of what you eat, then test two hours after you eat, this will tell you what foods your body can't handle to eat. Try eating a low carb diet. You can still eat certain foods by using coconut flour or almond flours, because these flours are not made of grains, they are made of seeds and nuts. That is the difference. So the answer to your question is, your high blood sugars during the day are caused by the foods you are eating, and/or stress. Stress also raises blood sugars.
Answered By: sjabernathy

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