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Tue Feb 26 16:49:16 UTC 2013

type 1 since 1990. need to build muscles. Can I use steroid anabolics and growth hormone. My personal trainer highly recomends them for me.
Asked By: hisham  
Category: Exercise

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Expert Answers (1)
2013-03-21 11:50:46.0

Dear Hisham,

While androgenic, anabolic steroids (AAS, known as
Accreditations: PhD, FACSM
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Community Answers (3)
2013-04-03 08:01:58.0

Thanks for the advice. However, he says use for just 4-6 months, mainly GH and testosterone. I am already on test. I am 38y, male. I train 4 times per week,2hours every time. but absolutly no results! I will try to avoid deca,eyc. I have already started Anavar, but also no effect, may be I am using a very low dose, 10mg/day. Any more advice will be much appreciated
Answered By: hisham

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2013-04-02 23:51:16.0

I am shocked that your personal trainer wants to be your drug pusher. Is he/she certified? I'm diabetic, type II, largely due to 6 years of coricosteroid use, necessary to save my life with chronic bronchitis. While different from anabolic steroids, both are hormones, and disrupt hormone systems, in other words: your whole body. You can research this and find that many professional athletes have gotten cancer and other diseases from anabolic steoids. Roid rage is real; they can cause personality change, shrink your testicles, and other nasty changes. You did not state your sex or age. There are better ways to build muscle. How many hours a day are you training? Are you using machines or free weights? Are you doing at least 40 reps of every excercise? Protect your joints (another thing that can be damaged by use of those drugs) by wrapping your knees, wearing a lifting belt, and other similar devices, and increase your weights slowly. And find a better, more knowledgeable, trainer--NOW.
Answered By: nanwj

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2013-03-21 12:17:35.0

I appreciate the trial to answer my question but the expert answer is incomplete! probably forgot to write it for some reason. Please resend it. Thanks
Answered By: hisham

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