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Sun Feb 10 19:25:22 UTC 2013

I am a 50yo male with Type 1 diabetes on Pump. Last A1c was 6.7 1 month ago I have had type 1 for 47 years. I also have Multiple Sclerosis for 6 years
Asked By: danson7317  
Category: Type 1

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Expert Answers (1)
2013-08-07 13:58:40.0

Dear Danson7317: I'm afraid I don't actually see a question here, but by all means, CONGRATULATIONS on what appears to be excellent long term control of your diabetes. An A1c under 7% is considered safe, and as long as you are not experiencing frequent hypoglycemia, I would suggest you keep up the good work! You are an example of working through multiple medical challenges. I hope you share your success stories with a local diabetes support group in your area.
Answered By: Anne Carroll
Accreditations: RN, CDE
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Community Answers (1)
2015-08-08 17:51:38.0

Hello! I have had Type 1 for just over 50 years and have been trying to find others who have had Type 1 long-term. I hope you are doing well. Best wishes, Shelly in WA state
Answered By: t1since1965

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