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susan sloane

Susan Sloane has been a registered pharmacist for over 28 years, and a Certified Diabetes Educator for 20 years. She is known throughout her hometown in Upstate NY for her endless volunteer efforts to help support the ADA and also JDRF. Susan became an advocate when her oldest son, Jason, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 17 months old. Ten years later, her youngest son, Marc was diagnosed with diabetes as well. Since that time until the present she has spent countless hours organizing fund raisers, meeting with legislators, and working with companies such as The Nutrasweet Company in Chicago to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes. Susan is a motivational speaker, and has been speaking across the country, educating health care professionals and patients about treating and living with this disease; which is now considered a national epidemic. She is a certified insulin pump trainer for many companies, and is a member of many prestigious organizations such as AADE,ADA, and the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance. Susan has worked in various media venues, such as radio and television, and has written articles and regular segments for many publications, locally and nationally. As a certified diabetes educator, Susan will continue her efforts to help patients with diabetes live a full and healthy life. Her goal as an educator is to show patients that diabetes is a manageable disease, once you have the proper tools and knowledge.

  • AADE; ADA; Dietary Supplement Education Allliance
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