Everyday Eating from Lara Rondinelli

Lara Rondinelli

February 2015 - Smoothies: Healthy or Not for People with Diabetes?
Tips on satisfying your smoothie craving

October 2014 - A Six-Month A1C Case Study
Patient lowers hemoglobin A1C with diet, exercise, weight loss, and low-dose medication

August 2014 - Diabetes Meal Plans for More Fruits and Veggies
Sample meal plans with 5 daily servings of fruits and veggies

December 2013: Habits of Healthy Eaters
An insider's look at the secrets to sticking with healthy eating

September 2013: Mix and Match Dinners
Menu combinations to help keep meals interesting.

July 2013: Medical Nutritional Therapy
What it is and why you should consider seeing a Registered Dietitian.

May 2013: Review of Popular Diets for Diabetes
Summaries of some of the top "diabetes diets" ranked by US News and World Report.

April 2013: Healthy Eating Over 50
Senior-specific nutrition dilemmas and ways to overcome them.

February 2013: Real World Eating and Exercise Advice
Round 2 of healthy living tips from the real experts — people living with diabetes.

November 2012: Night Eating Syndrome
The little-known eating disorder with big health implications.

September 2012: Eating More Veggies
Simple ways to increase your daily vegetable intake. 

July 2012: Eating Healthy All Week
A week of healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

May 2012: Healthy Tips from People with Diabetes
Everyday advice and healthy living tips from the real experts — people living with diabetes.

February 2012: Confessions of a "Fat Chef"
A candid interview with Chef Jen, a contestent from the new Food Network show, Fat Chef.

January 2012: "I Don't Know Why I Can't Lose Weight"
Tips to overcome the top five obstacles that prevent weight loss success.

October 2011: Are You Protein Deficient?
Lots of people trying to eat healthy don't get enough of this crucial nutrient.

August 2011: Top 5 Diet Mistakes
How to avoid common problems of popular diet plans.

June 2011: Real Life Diabetes Success Story
Setting and meeting goals can lead to lifestyle changes.

April 2011: Top 7 Diet Excuses & Solutions
How to start eating better and testing better today.

February 2011: Are You on Insulin and Not Carb Counting?
Using the insulin-to-carb ratio can help you reach your A1C goal.

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NOTE: The information provided in these columns is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for consultation with a qualified medical professional or for professional medical advice related to diabetes or another medical condition. Please contact your physician or medical professional with any questions and concerns about your medical condition.

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