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For the absolute neophyte – someone who is working out for the very first time in their life – it's important to know that you are starting exactly where even the most seasoned exercisers themselves started out: at the beginning. As far as your current level of fitness is concerned, you shouldn't feel any shame. You're there; in the gym, at the local high school track, or even in your home on a treadmill. You're doing it. You're making the effort to make yourself a fitter, healthier you. You should be proud of yourself for making this commitment to better health. 

That all being said, let's get started!

This beginner workout is a good introduction to making exercise a part of your healthy routine. Try this Monday through Friday regimen and you'll see a change in your level of fitness after just a few weeks!


Repeat this entire resistance training circuit routine two times without any rest in between sets.


Follow this routine for four weeks, at which time you should evaluate your progress. If you feel as though this routine has become too easy, try increasing the duration of time that you walk. Or, you can also try increasing the speed and intensity of your effort. (For example, if you've been , try out some nearby hills to change it up.) If you are still finding this routine to be quite difficult, then remain at this level until your body adapts. 

Now, fast forward several months, and you're looking and feeling like a million bucks. Or even like just twenty grand. The point is that you're making progress and you know it. The beginner workout you've been following now seems a bit remedial, and your results seem to be tapering off. The good news: This is a clear sign that you've made considerable progress, something of which you should be very proud. The bad news: It may be time to ramp up your workout to the intermediate level!

We'll classify the intermediate exerciser as someone who has been exercising steadily for at least six months. For those who have, it is likely that they have experienced a marked improvement in their physical condition, including a noticeable impact on glucose control, as well as an increase in strength and endurance. By this stage of the game, these folks are rather well versed in some of the more popular exercises and fitness routines, like balance ball exercises, yoga, or kickboxing. But, what they may be experiencing is something known as a fitness plateau - their results and progress suddenly hit a wall. Understandably, this can lead to a great deal of frustration. Apart from the dismay ushered in by the lack of new results, it's quite common for people to also grow bored with their workout by this point. That's why the primary purpose of the following workout is to help the more experienced exerciser break through these plateaus and make their workout fun again.

Try this routine to break things up a bit and achieve new results!


  • Walk at a moderate pace for ten-to-fifteen minutes. If you are unable to walk for this duration of time, make efforts to walk for eight minutes.
  • Two (2) sets of very light dumbbell military press (12-15 repetitions) (*Note: Choose a weight that you can use to comfortably perform all prescribed reps).
  • Wednesday
  • Climb a set of 10 stairs eight times, resting thirty seconds in between each complete trip up and then back down
  • Two (2) sets of very light dumbbell curls (12-15 repetitions)
  • Friday
  • walking in your flat neighborhood


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Last Modified Date: May 17, 2016

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