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Your meter can be particularly motivating when it shows real change. And change is easier than you may think. Today, try testing your blood sugar before and after exercise. You don't have to run a marathon; just a brisk walk will do the trick. See how that number falls post-exercise. And the next time your blood sugar is high, remember what a powerful tool a few quick laps around the block can be in bringing it down.

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by Lindsey Guerin
I am in desperate need of a nap. Between frequent bathroom trips and constant tossing and turning overnight, my sleep has dwindled. But what do you expect at almost 33 weeks pregnant? My whole body is tired these days though. Two weeks ago, a mix of severe lightheadedness and some weird blood pressure readings at home had my doctor send me to Labor & Delivery for a couple of hours of observation. My blood pressure was fine while at the hospital and I haven’t been checking as...
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