How much liquid Gatorade does 1 tablespoon of powder mix make? Good question, and it sent my frustrations erupting like a volcano again.

I ended up settling for 4 tablespoons in each of my water bottles and unmixed baggies, and it worked out fine in the end. But my brain is exhausted just thinking about all of the extra work involved in trying to mix some simple Gatorade.

I didn't even know who or what to be pissed off at. The water bottles for not being a full quart? The mixing instructions and nutrition information for not using consistent units of measurement? Me for getting my mental butt kicked by something that seems like it should be so easy?

This was harder for me than trying to carb count peanuts in the shell!

As I reviewed the Gatorade labeling in order to write this article, I found some tiny print just under the mixing instructions. I wish I would have seen it when I was working on this, but it also somehow doesn't make me feel any better. Here's what it says:

NOTE: Measuring scoop is equal to 4.5 level tablespoons (1 tablespoon makes 8 ounces). For optimal performance benefits, do not vary from mixing instructions.

Do not vary from mixing instructions. Right.

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Last Modified Date: June 10, 2013

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