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October 22, 2016
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Wil Dubois

Wil Dubois, author of our Diabetes Simplified Column, writes from both clinical and personal experience. He works as a diabetes treatment specialist and has type 1 diabetes himself, and as such speaks both "doctor" and "patient."

He's the Diabetes Coordinator for Pecos Valley Medical Center, a non-profit clinic in the mountains of Northern New Mexico that serves a 500 square mile area. At his clinic, Wil is responsible for designing the treatment plans for the clinic's growing population of type 1s, type 2s, and women with gestational diabetes. He provides one-on-one diabetes education to over 300 patients and their families.

Additionally, Wil is a community faculty member for the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, where he teaches community health workers diabetes education skills as part of Project ECHO's telehealth system. He's also one of the diabetes experts for Dr. Oz's Sharecare website, answering a wide variety of questions submitted by readers ranging from diabetes medications, physiology, behavior, and lifestyle.

He's the author of four multi-award-winning diabetes books: The Born-Again Diabetic: The Handbook to Help You Get Your Diabetes in Control (Again); Taming the Tiger: Your First Year with Diabetes, which is now being translated into multiple languages; Beyond Fingersticks: The Art of Control with Continuous Glucose Monitoring.; and Diabetes Warrior: Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor.

Wil also pens the weekly no-holds-bared "Dear Abby-style" advice column Ask D'Mine at Diabetes Mine. He was one of the early diabetes bloggers and still occasionally blogs at LifeAfterDx.

He is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists, the National Association of Science Writers, the National Writers Union, and the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

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Amazing d-Tech: Technology defined

This morning it wasn’t the sun, the wind, or the birds that woke me up. It was the soft, insistent vibrating of a medical device urging me to check my blood sugar. Opening my eyes, still safely under the covers, I checked my blood sugar with a meter smaller than a deck of cards, calibrated my (READ MORE)

Amazing d-Tech: Non-invasive dreams

“I want that meter where you don’t have to prick your finger,” my patient told me excitedly.


Another victim of late-night TV. Once again, it falls to me to shatter someone’s dreams. “Sorry,” I said, “we don’t have that technology yet.”


Amazing d-Tech: Insulin without needles. Future or fantasy?

By Wil Dubois

The problem with proteins is that they digest quite nicely. That’s not a problem when the protein is a T-Bone steak, but what if the protein is a medicine? How then, can we just take our medicine?

The solution for the last 95 years or so (READ MORE)

Amazing d-Tech: Is sex appeal the only difference between glucometers?

By Wil Dubois

Let’s talk about sex today. Well, more correctly, let’s talk about sex appeal. Because sex appeal and technology are intimately linked.

I mean, have you ever caressed an iPhone, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, or any of those other amazing devices? (READ MORE)

Amazing d-Tech: the “patch-pump” landscape

By Wil Dubois

I was asked to write about the “patch-pump landscape” today. Well, it’s not much of a landscape. Just one lone tree growing on an endless, flat savanna.

What? You never heard of a patch-pump? Oh. I’m sorry, it’s a type of insulin pump... (READ MORE)

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