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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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April 18, 2014
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Carey Potash

Carey is a full-time hater of diabetes. The benefits stink. His 12-year-old son, Charlie, has been giving he and his wife the finger since November of 2003. Carey's parenting humor has appeared in various websites and print magazines. He resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife and three children.

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Almost Losing It

Charlie stretched his sweatshirt over his head and tossed it on the ground beside the basement door.

He dumped his “diabetic bag” - as he sarcastically calls it – in the mudroom and dropped a backpack filled with Airsoft guns, containers of white pellets and battery pa (READ MORE)

The Happily Married Man

Status report:

I still hate diabetes very much. This is unchanged.

Also, I looked into it and it seems there is still no cure. Darn.

I promise I won’t write another hockey-with-diabetes blog post until at least July; althou (READ MORE)

Game of Carbs

Charlie has his end of season hockey party later today. He's excited. I am not. How can I be? Take a look at the email thread of what everyone is bringing. How does one possibly look forward to an assault?

To protect the names of the innocent, carb-loving heathens, I have d (READ MORE)

Better if Happy

My 8-year-old asked me when I would get back to being silly again when I tuck him in at night.

"Hopefully soon," I said.

I took an online healthcare questionnaire my first day back at work after taking a week of bereavement time.

"How a (READ MORE)

I Exam

Why is she looking at me like that? All doubtful and quizzical. Why is she making that face? Does she think I don't have a clue about my kid's diabetes?

What's his dosing??? What do you mean what's his dosing? You want to know what his dosing is between the hours of midn (READ MORE)

Megan Holmes
Megan Holmes Megan was diagnosed in 2009 with Type I. As an RN, she was familiar with the medical side of her diagnosis; learning to be a good patient on the other hand, was and continues to be the challenge of her day to day life.   (Read More)
Michelle Kowalski
Michelle Kowalski Michelle Kowalski, a writer, editor and photography hobbiest living in Phoenix, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in February 2005. In January 2008, as part of her quest to start on an insulin pump, Michelle learned that she actually has type 1 diabetes.   (Read More)
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