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October 24, 2016
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Julia Zegarra

Julia lives behind the Tofu Curtain, in the Pioneer Valley, in Western Massachusetts. It's a nice place. She likes it there. She'd invite you in for a coffee, but the three kids, the hockey-playing Canadian husband, the Dog-Who-Sheds-A-Lot and the Cat-Who-Pukes-A-Lot mean that the house is in a constant, ever-changing state of chaos.

In fact, she thinks she used to have two cats but believes one is lost in the clutter. Either that or it decamped for neater surroundings. Her eldest daughter, Olivia, has type 1 diabetes. She's also 13. It's a real toss-up as to which is more difficult -- the diabetes or the teen-age drama.

When she's not trying to grab a nap, grab a toddler or grab a drink, she can be found here, on dLife or over at her other blogs (the ones where she swears with gay abandon) Major Bedhead and New England Mamas. She'll bend your ear on just about any subject. There are only two things that she won't tolerate bad grammar and dissing the Red Sox. And even the grammar can be flexible. The Red Sox? Not so much.

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I Hate Change

It's been ages since I posted here. My life has been chaotic and, frankly, I haven't had much to write about anywhere online.


We had to switch endocrinologists recently because our health insurance won't cover Olivia's doctors at Joslin. Olivia and I both hate it but we can't (READ MORE)

Can You Spare A Dollar?

I don't often think about how much mental energy I put into tamping down the thoughts that run thru my head about Olivia and how her diabetes affects her. I do bury those feelings because it makes me sad and angry and worried and a whole host of other, not-so-pleasant feelings and I just can't wa (READ MORE)


I talked to Olivia again about going off the pump and she's adamant about wanting to do it. We were changing her site because, once again, the site she'd had in got infected. She only keeps a site in for 2 days, but they often seem to get red and irritated. We use antiseptic wipes before insertin (READ MORE)


I took Boo to Boston today, for testing. Everything was fine. Her fasting blood sugar was 71 and her 2 hour post-prandial was 84, so things are looking good right now. Big relief.


They are running antibody tests and a celiac panel, just to be on the safe side. I should have tho (READ MORE)

Follow Up

Following up on last week's post, I spoke with the pediatrician today. Boo's a1C was 5.2%, which is normal. She did have glucose in her urine, though, and after looking over other test results, she wants Boo to be seen by an endocrinologist.


I called Joslin immediately, of cour (READ MORE)

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