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October 28, 2016
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Kim Doty

The diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes in March of 2003, did not come as a complete surprise to Kim Doty. As an older, overweight Mom with a strong family history of Type 2 Diabetes she knew she was at risk.

When her son was born a few months later the condition seemed to disappear. The excitement and activity of early motherhood (as well as strong inner traits of denial and procrastination) kept her from addressing her key risk factors, and 18 months later a follow-up A1C led to her diagnosis of Type 2.

Kim quickly educated herself on her condition, including Tivo-ing the dLife TV series and finding the website, as well as the rest of the online community. These steps empowered her with education and confidence which led to a new endocrinologist and a switch from insulin to oral medication treatment.

Another pregnancy late in 2006 put her back on insulin. Once again the birth of the baby eliminated the need for insulin and she returned to a Metformin regime. Kim is a computer systems administrator for a major food manufacturer and lives in Colorado with her husband, Steve, and their children. She currently battles the bulge and tries to develop an exercise habit to better manage her blood sugars. 

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Exercise Alone Lowers HbA1C in type 2 Diabetic

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Exercise: Top Prescription for Type 2?

"Exercise is key to lifetime management of type 2 diabetes". How many times have we heard that or a variation of that statement? dLife even has a whole section devoted to the topic.



Tummy Trim Report 2

I missed reporting last week. I'm happy to say that my weight has stayed the same and my fasting sugars are edging below 110. I'm sad to say I am continuing to struggle with good food choices, and losing the battle too often.


One of the things I was happiest a (READ MORE)

Tummy Trim Challenge

image unavailable
University of Maryland Weight Management Center

A month ago, dLife sent out an invitation to join their new Tummy Trim Challenge. It's a six (READ MORE)

The A1C Result Makes Me Feel...

discouraged. No, that's not the right word. Or maybe it's that it's not the only word. Cocky is one, disappointed another. Defeated is too strong, but more internalized than disappointed. Judged for sure, as it really does feel like my "grade".


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