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October 21, 2016
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Scott Marvel

Scott paves his way in the world, residing in sunny San Diego, Ca. Wrapped up in life filled with college, hockey, the outdoors, family, friends, and staying healthy. His diagnosis of type 1 diabetes came on March 12, 2004.

Before that first unnerving week in the hospital, he never saw diabetes coming. He aimed to absorb everything there was to learn about this new part of life and take the challenge on head first. Always actively learning and educating in hopes of shining a positive light where it sometimes does not appear.

While easygoing in daily life, he is a perfectionist at heart. Scott takes control of his life by managing his diagnosis and promising to align his future towards success. Trying to offer relatable words, his online blog StickIt forges ahead too. Diabetes be damned, Scott is aiming high. Self-assured that it will not inhibit his goals, and to this day, he has never looked back. "

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Newly Diagnosed Diabetes

image unavailable Where to even start...?


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The OmniPod: Waterproof, Not Water Sport Proof

So, the OmniPods I use are listed to have an IPX8 water tight rating which means the pods will work flawlessly in eight feet of water for up to thirty minutes. This is a great feature to have during shower times, su (READ MORE)

My Diabetes...

image unavailable
TopNews Health Finish this sentence, I was asked. "My Diabetes..." It is a playoff inspired by an NPR blogger, who was covered by his (READ MORE)

Dad Passes Out, Saved by Son

image unavailable
Yahoo News

Did you hear about this dad that found himself on the wrong side of the diabetes tracks? This may be ancient news (READ MORE)

New OmniPod PDM on the Way

image unavailable
Diabetes Mine Three weeks now I have been waiting for OmniPods new personal diabetes manager (PDM) to arrive. It was actually a ch (READ MORE)

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