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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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October 27, 2016
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Nicole Purcell

Nicole Purcell lists having type 1 diabetes last when she's asked to provide information about herself - because that's where it belongs.

She is, first and foremost, a daughter, sister, aunt, partner, and friend and a professional fundraiser, writer, advocate, and dancer. Diabetes is both incidental and central in her life - an afterthought that makes its way front and center more often than she'd like it to.

A native New Englander, Nicole has worked as a fundraising executive for various non-profit organizations since 1997 and is a yoga instructor, boxer, and metal worker.

Nicole's has made another attempt at monkey training after her first miserable attempt. She is obsessed now with lesser known classical artists and the memoir of Leslie Caron.

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Oh Man.... Sorry!

I am so sorry about my hiatus. I know you're just dying to know where I've been.

I've got one word for you: summer.

And it's been an alright summer. I've watched cars race, dirt bikes climb tall rocks in a single bound, I've hiked and I've swum. I've gotten (READ MORE)

Orange Juice on the Nightstand

It's funny what the simplest gestures represent when it comes to lessening the burden of diabetes.

I've got a new someone in my life. Well, actually a someone who's been in and out of my existence for almost two decades, but with whom I've developed a new - and really, rather w (READ MORE)

For a Loop

It was a sneaky one. A sly beast of a low bloodsugar that gave me no symptoms until it gave me all of the symptoms in one big brick to my face. Sitting in bed reading and getting ready to sleep, I pulled my meter to give myself the security of knowing my sugar before rest.


Weekend Diabetes Hijinks

This past weekend was a whole lot of diabetes weird. I've finally gotten into a good rhythm with my Lantus rate - settling in with a 70-30 nighttime-morning split of the total dose. My bolus dosing seems to be pretty much on the money too. I'm avoiding huge swings... Though lows are creeping up (READ MORE)

New Diagnoses

A friend called the other day, one from high school, that I hadn't heard from in a very long time. Over a decade. I would barely understand her at first, she was so full of sobbing and huffy breathing. Once she calmed she announced that her nine year old daughter had just been diagnosed with type (READ MORE)

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