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Practice makes near perfect at bedtime

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October 26, 2016
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Dreaming of Diabetes

My mind makes up for the often boring and brain-numbing life of a stay at home mom with a really cool dream life. By day, I'm dancing around the living room singing Laurie Berkner songs and smacking my backside to cheer my little boy up, but by night, I'm traveling the world, eating exotic foods (READ MORE)


The other day, Michelle posted about censoring her blog to not upset her mother sometimes. I realize I do this too, but not for the same reason. I tend to censor my writing out of superstition. I'm like one of those people who (READ MORE)

User Error

I guess I spoke too soon a few days ago when I declared my love of pumping, claiming it was so simple and my blood sugars were perfect.


While the machinery (and all the cool things it does) is still quite awesome,I forgot aboutgood old human errors. Just a few hours after I po (READ MORE)

Tethered, But Not Bound

A week into insulin pumping, I have to report that I absolutely love it. Love it, love it, love it. All of my worries and fears about it have completely been erased.


My blood sugar has never been better. I feel so much more stable and in control. And because I'm not dealing wi (READ MORE)

I Deserved That

When it comes to high blood sugar, I tend to think there are two different types. Those unfair, random ones that leave you guessing what happened. And the other ones, the ones you deserve.


Last night, I had a high that I deserved. Without a doubt, I deserved it.


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