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October 28, 2016
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The L Train

There is a stark difference between my "see ya later" to my camper and other parents' to theirs.

"OK, have fun!" one mom told her son.

"OK, don't pass out," I say to mine.

The mom laughed and said to her son, "I don't want to hear from you until 4:30 pm this time!"

Apparently there was a big ordeal with skates that didn't fit the prior day which caused him to miss some of the camp.

Forgive me for my lack of sympathy, but our day started with a blood sugar of 32 and this week has been an absolute adventure. And not in a "Ooh! Zebras!" sort of way.

Up until Wednesday, I was prepared to say that based upon the minimal glucose tabs consumed and the minimal need for corrections, things were going pretty well. Much has changed since then.

Aside from some random hyperglycemic outliers, it's been all about the lows. Charlie's big container of glucose tabs - that were mostly unused for the first couple of days - were now being devoured like popcorn at the movies.

It seems as if each day, the lows gained steam, like a locomotive. As the week went on, the lows picked up traction despite basal reductions and partially bolused meals.

The Dexcom is amazing but it just can't keep up with real-time plummets. I thought things were cool with Dexcom showing 140, but Charlie was catching lows of 40s and 50s. When I walked back into the rink and picked up a signal of 85 or so, I called Charlie over to tell him he was low. Meanwhile he had already treated himself. I was delivering old news.

All of this bionic pancreas stuff has me wondering how it might perform in this highly intense setting. Could it have helped us this week? How can it function well if the Dexcom results lag behind what is happening in real time? I have so many questions. I've been here so long! Cabin fever is setting in.

What is happening in the world? What year is it? Is Obama still president?

Save me Professor Ed Damiano! Save me!

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