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October 27, 2016
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Go Easy

Dear Diabetes Gods,

Hi. How are you? How has your summer been going so far? Seen any good movies? Have you had a chance to go to the beach? I hope you’re taking precautions. The sun can be very damaging to the skin. Do you have skin?

I’m sure you’ve been to many camps for children with diabetes this summer and have wreaked some terrible havoc. That must have been nice for you. Having such a large number of people with diabetes in the same location must be a luxury you don’t get to enjoy during the rest of the year.

Pleasantries aside, let me cut to the chase. Hockey camp for Charlie starts on Monday. He’ll be on the ice for more than five hours per day from Monday to Friday. I don’t need to tell you what that level of activity does to one’s blood sugar. Nor do I need to remind you what we went through in our first year of hockey camp and then in our second.

Or maybe I do. In year one, you sent Charlie off the ice right in the middle of camp with blood sugars so high that we ended up in the ER. Remember that??? Or how about last year, when I left the rink to get some lunch and Charlie had extreme hypoglycemia. Remember how I panicked when I tried calling and texting him and I got no response? It nearly gave me a heart attack.

As always, I’ll be there at the rink freezing my ass off with Dexcom in hand and my wife and I will prepare for you as best as we humanly can. But, please, please, please, help a brother out. I know we’ve had our differences and I’ve said some very unflattering things about you. But please, please, please ….

Go easy on us.

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