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October 28, 2016
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Summer (What) To Do List

Hi. Long time no blog. How is everyone doing?

Oh, good. Glad to hear it!

Summer has been a challenge for us, diabetically speaking. We’re finding that heat combined with puberty combined with Charlie’s insatiable elephant-like appetite is wreaking havoc on his blood sugars. It’s the terrible twos. He’s been cemented in the mid- to high-200s and it’s driving me bananas. (23 grams of carbs for a small banana and 27 grams of carbs for a medium. )

Sorry. Force of habit.

And with summer comes invitations to friends’ houses; friends with pool parties and plastic bowls filled with pretzels and Cheetos.

The text messages come in like little bombs.

So and so will be there. Thanks! He’ll bring chips or popsicles.

How about so and so brings soft pretzels? That OK?

I’m making chocolate chip cookies. So and so requested them.

So and so will bring Tastykakes. Thanks for having him.

I lock on to the popsicles as probably the least of all evils.

How exactly are we supposed to compete with this? What if Charlie is having one of these rough pubescent days where he is stuck at 250 all day? Should we really compound this by having him detach his pump for a couple hours while he swims? And what about the heat? During our recent trip to Disney World, the heat was not kind. More on that later.

Should he sit there and watch his friends munch away on snacks? Licking his lips like a dog at the dinner table?

Will he really want to call “mommy” every time he wants to put a chip in his mouth? Will he even call her at all?

Do we wing it and hope for the best?

Does he really need friends?

Should pool parties be outlawed?

And what about his Dexcom on his arm? What’s the likelihood of that staying on his arm and not getting slurped up by the pool’s filter?

I love summer!

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