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August 27, 2016
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D-Blog Week - Hacks

I don't have as many diabetes hacks as I used to. When I was on the pump, I (or my mom) sewed pockets into my panties for pump storage, I knew how to pull insulin out of a pen and put it into my pump reservoir in a jam, and I could easily fix a low bloodsugar without food if I absolutely needed to - and not end up with a huge upswing - with skillful basal turn ons and offs.

But I have a few now. Don't try these at home. Unless you really, really have to.

I have forgotten my lancing device on the kitchen table more than once. And poking one's finger with just anything is - well, it's gross. I've more than once used the needle from my insulin pen to lance my finger. Hand sanitizer galore when I do that and I try to change the needle out immediately following any kind of hack-lancing, but there it is.

I have also used urine testing the way we did back in the 80s when blood testing wasn't possible. There was a day not too long ago when I had forgotten my entire meter kit at home, and the one I keep in my desk drawer was out of strips. I did have some urine glucose/ketone combo strips, though. I spent that day at work peeing on a stick to try to determine bloodsugar. I guess I did OK, because when I got home that night I was at 121 mg/dl.

On the low bloodsugar front, I've done a few things when - because of lack of time to grocery shop appropriately and/or forgetfulness in picking up juice or glucose tabs - I've not had appropriate low treatment. Think celery or carrots dipped in BBQ sauce that has 25 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoon serving. Guess what? It worked! But I'm always sure nowadays to have some kind of fresh or canned fruit on hand to avoid this sort of (kind of disgusting but when your bloodsugar is 34 mg/dl you don't care) hack.

I am fortunate to have access to so many resources, and to incredibly good health insurance, which I think saves me from too many hacks. BUUUUUTTTT - as with most diabetics, there is the ultimate "hack" - which leaves me to ask YOU: When was the last time you changed your lancet? Or your pump needle? Isn't it a hack to use these things more than the once recommended? For me, it's certainly not a financial hack (I mean, lancets are covered 100% under my insurance) - so I can only blame it on one thing. Sheer laziness! Or maybe habit (from those years of non-covered lancets?)? At any rate, I'm off to change my lancet right now. While it's on my mind.

Happy hacking! Look forward to hear what others are up to in this department....

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