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October 26, 2016
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All The Diabetes Cures....

The spam email I received the other day and my subsequent reading have lead me to a whole host of other "cures" that I thought I'd share here...

Prickly Pear Cactus... Just rub over skin, causing tiny cactus spines to sprout from your arms and legs. Not as painful as daily injections for decades. Try it today! No really, just eat in fresh or powder form. Claims all over the internet that it has similar components to insulin... Researchers you on this one? Cause if it's that similar you ought be able to make this actually work as a cure?

Cinnamon... I must address this one. Because for months now, I have been eating three cinnamon buns a day in an attempt to cure my diabetes. All it has done is leave me with extremely high bloodsugars. I mean, I'm bolusing for them, what the heck? Isn't the point of cinnamon to leave me with lower bloodsugar, isn't the point to cure me? Maybe I'll shift gears and try cinnamon donuts instead?

Gymnema Sylvestre... Hindi translation of the herb name is "sugar destroyer..." Sounds so tough. I actually went and got some at the local Asian Market. I ate it alongside my third cinnamon bun of the day... It did not live up to its name. Sugar destroyer my bum. More like big ole faker.

Chamomile and Chamomile Tea... For real? All this stuff does is put me to sleep. In fact, I had a big cup the other night and fell asleep before my nighttime lantus injection. By the time I woke up, it was over an hour and a half late. Once again, Chamomile Tea succeeded in making my bloodsugar RISE.

Ginseng... Again, claims all over the internet of the bloodsugar lowering power of this herb. Says proven to lower bloodsugar 15-20% better than placebo. Placebo might have consisted of sugar pills, just saying.

Indian Gooseberry... OK, so I'm not even going to address this one in any real way because two of the articles I read about gooseberry and its impact included descriptions of diabetes with "levels" there was mild (bloodsugar under 180 mg/dl), moderate (bloodsugar 181-280 mg/dl) and severe (bloodsugar over 281 mg/dl)... And the gooseberry supposedly had varying effects on each level and bloodsugar. Thing is, don't know effective this would be for me. After all, last night I was a severe diabetic, by this morning it was just mild. Wouldn't want to waste my time, right?

I could really go on all day. But my "mild" diabetes self is due for some insulin and a big cup of chamomile tea (sweet dreams). I'm also thinking of some cupcakes and some "sugar destroyer" on the side. Hopefully, all this works and by the time my weekend really begins I'll be diabetes free! Wish me luck.

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