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October 24, 2016
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Long Time Gone

It’s been awhile. Life has been on overdrive for the past three months and I am so happy to finally say that there is reprieve. I see the light and see so much that God has in store. I’ve been dealing with some significant work stress in addition to normal life stress and have barely been able to stay afloat. In the past three months, I have leaned heavily on Ross and my mom for much needed support to get through a rough time and make some tough decisions. Now it’s ending and new things are beginning.

This weekend, I am spending my time catching up on the things that have slipped by while I took care of my emotional health and kept my head above water. School has taken a hit. My apartment hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. My health and overall routine is way off. This weekend is all about getting those things back on track and making some plans as things transition.

Diabetes is certainly included as my management still hasn’t picked up to where I want it to. Where I need it to actually. Last Monday was my 21st anniversary of my diagnosis which passed by with little fanfare and attention. I wanted to celebrate but at the same time, I didn’t. Diabetes has the control right now, not me. So why celebrate? Why reward myself for another year alive and complication free when I am not actively engaged in this disease to keep these anniversaries coming far into the future?

I strongly believe that there are times in diabetes management where it’s just going to take a very, very backseat and your management won’t be where it should be. After 21 years with this disease, I’ve taken two of these significant breaks. One was in high school and the other has been the last few months. I’m ready, emotionally and physically, to put that break behind me and get back on track. But how?

Last week, I took a pump vacation thanks to a delay in pod shipment and the fact that my skin has not been reacting well to my pod placements. I wanted to give myself a break from the attachment, the irritation, and the monotony of being on a pump. It hasn’t even been a year since I started the Omnipod, but the break has been both wonderful and annoying. My blood sugars are significantly improved being back on Lantus but yet I’m frustrated by the fact that I have to remember to take an injection, have no record of boluses or carb amounts, and injecting in public is as annoying as ever.

So my question to myself is: extended pump vacation? Or go back on the Omnipod and get serious again?

One thing that is going to change my diabetes management is my ability and interest in getting back in the gym and yoga. Winter hit my workout routines hard as did my lack of energy due to all my stress. I am determined to lose a few pounds and feel back to my “old self” when it comes to working out. I hope to be in the gym or running at least three times per week. I know that exercise eases my struggle with diabetes. In knowing that, I think the Omnipod will get me the control that I need without the aggravation of injections.

Right now, it is just about catching up on my life and feeling back to “normal.” Cleaning my apartment, spending time resting stress-free, doing laundry, and all the other things that life quickly overtakes. After this weekend, it will be about starting new habits and picking up the good ones again. It will be about making plans and taking charge of my life again. And blogging more.

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