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October 28, 2016
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The Triumphant Return


Charlie couldn’t be happier with this latest development. Pizza is back on the menu after many months of banishment.

I can’t tell you how many times Susanne and I said to each other, “I wish we could just grab a pizza” on those days when you don’t feel like cooking and you want something quick and inexpensive – and delicious!

There was a time when we would let Charlie have pizza on occasion and we would try our best to make it work with the pump tools we had at our disposal. We never did get it right and we had some really, really bad nights. Pizza eventually became taboo. Suggesting pizza for dinner would be like suggesting slow medieval torture to the soundtrack of Kidz Bop Karaoke.

I used to think that there was no match for pizza. But then ice hockey came along. An early session of ice hockey will burn through carbs like buttuh and keep Charlie under 100 mg/dl for the remainder of the day and into the night – and often into the next day.

The new plan was to reintroduce pizza but only under the proviso that it occur on a hockey day with meal time no later than 5 pm. We’ve had success the last two weekends (knock on wood) with the following recipe:

1 hour of rigorous ice hockey

2 slices of thin-crust pizza weighed and calculated with a carb factor of 0.27 (roughly 65 carbs total)

1 Dual-wave bolus consisting of 50% up-front and 50% over three hours.

Let sit for 8 hours, watching Dexcom monitor with giddy amazement as expected highs never come.

The above recipe actually worked a little too well and instead of being high all night, Charlie had some lows in the hours after dinner and into the early evening. So, some tweaking will be in order next time.

When hockey season ends, pizza night will have to be on lacrosse days. When lacrosse ends, pizza night will have to be on excessive jumping (trampoline) days. When its too rainy for excessive trampoline jumping days ...

I'll have to chase that sucker around the house for about an hour-and-a-half. Whatever it takes.

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