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October 27, 2016
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I Think They Forgot the Ketchup – Chapter 7

Chapter 7– Feed Me!

The would-be, could-be memoirs of a boy growing up with type 1 diabetes.

You heard the woman! Feed me!

How soon we seem to forget what was said at our last endocrinology visit. You can’t pretend you didn’t hear what the pump expert and the nurse practitioner said when you asked about eating when I’m high. “Feed him!” they said. “He’s a growing boy,” they said. “He’s very active.”

I see you nodding your head as they say these things, but I know how this works. I’m no fool. When we leave this office and go back to everyday life, you still won’t feed me as much as I crave. You’ll mumble, “easy for them to say” under your breath and nothing will change. I’m a very hungry boy! Don’t you get it?!? Let me eat! I’ll bolus for every bit of it. Just let me eat!

Tell them how you fear food. Tell them that this is why you don’t let me eat as much as I need. You won’t. You’ll nod in agreement. You’ll turn to me and smile and say something like, “How about that, Charlie! You get to eat more. I bet you like that news!”

And me, the foolish little puppy, will smile and nod for you, licking my chops; believing that maybe this time you’ll fill my dog bowl all the way to the top.

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