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October 27, 2016
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Charlie Writes About the Artificial Pancreas

Charlie decided to write about the prospect of one day having an artificial pancreas. This one hurts my heart.

Scientists are working on many different designs and inventions and my dad told me about the artificial pancreas. At first I said that I would never put an artificial pancreas in my body and go through surgery. It was when my dad said it doesn't go inside you that I felt better. He told me that it was like a pump and a CGM only better. It goes on like a pump does. It isn't out yet, but I'm really excited for the day it does.

My dad also told me that they did tests on it by letting people eat a big meal wearing the artificial pancreas and tested later and was good. If it really does mostly keep your blood sugar in range, that is a big step.

When I play hockey and blood sugars aren't good, and I'm wearing it, maybe I can play my best every game. Plus feel good and not sick the entire game. I could also probably eat without testing at times when it comes out. I might not think about diabetes as much as I do now either. I wouldn't even know at times. I wouldn't always have to be worried about having ketones before a game from adrenalin and excitement. I would feel much better too because of a more stable blood sugar more often.

It really is cool that it knows when to add insulin when I'm high and give some sugar when I'm shooting down. I also would get my fingers looking normal from cutting back finger pricks. I have mini scabs where I've tested. Maybe I could even have foods that make my blood sugar high more often instead of once every two months. For example, I could have some pizza on days I couldn't have before. That would or will be so good. I'm sure there are much more things they are working on, but this one I'm excited about.

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