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October 27, 2016
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A Decade With D

I won't bore you with "the diagnosis story." I have said it enough over the years.

It's a hard day today.

Some may say "Congrats!" or "Happy Diaversary!" but to me, Charlie's 10 years with type 1 diabetes doesn't make me want to celebrate. It makes me sad. I don't like that his body has been under assault for 10 years. A whole freaking decade! I don't like it.

It didn't stop Charlie from asking if there would be gifts involved. Charlie's little brother seized on the moment and got busy constructing a gift out of a plastic cup, a bit of water, some Scotch tape and a tiny yellow rubber ducky. "Feel well' was the message on the cup. image-title

The very early hours of Charlie's diaversary offered another reminder of what this disease has put us all through in these last 10 years of our lives.

Sleepy dreamy drool-on-pillow time one moment and then awakened by blood sugars over 300. Suddenly it's a correction and it's ketone checking and it's sips of water that Charlie painfully slurps as if sour milk.

"It tastes terrible!"

"It's just water, Charlie. I need you to drink!"

It's coordinating our iPhone alarms for 3:15 am and then 4:15 am and it's an apology from me to Susanne after I promised to test Charlie before it got to this point. I dropped the ball. Happy 10 years to us!

The kids, who would celebrate Household Appliance Awareness Day if it meant treats, persuaded me to take them out for hamburgers and Susanne picked up an ice cream cake to mark the occassion.

At the restaurant, Charlie was already looking ahead to his next big milestone.

"It will be better at my 20-year anniversary."

The thought of 20 years was a punch to my stomach.

"What do mean?" I asked.

"Technology," he said.

"Or how about a cure?" I asked.

Charlie shrugged his shoulders, looking doubtful.

He wrapped his fingers around his giant bacon cheeseburger and sunk his teeth into it.

"Mmmm!" he mumbled. "This burger is amazing!"

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