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August 29, 2016
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Charlie Writes About Middle School

I really like it when Charlie decides to write about having diabetes. It's often the only time we truly know what's going on in his head. He's not super expressive and doesn't exactly come home from school every day with a whole lot to say in regards to the D. In his writings, he almost always says something we didn't know or something that makes us laugh or cry a little. This time, it was a snail that made me chuckle. Without further adieu, Charlie.

Being in middle school with diabetes is pretty different than it was in elementary school. I think it is a bit better because in elementary school I had to go down to the nurse more often. That's better in lots of ways because the middle school is a much bigger school than my last school. It would be a long trip to the nurse and back. It's also better because I won't be missing as much work because I only go down to the nurse at lunch. The nurse's office is next to the lunch room so I don't miss any lunch either. The only time I might miss any work is if my blood sugar is real low or I have some sugar in class for a minor low.

The part that I really can't stand is the low blood sugars in class. If it's like 75 and I need a juice, it's a bit embarrassing because the box has a snail on it and is colorful and has Juicy Juice on the front. It is a weird feeling with 6th graders around you while drinking a juice box.

When I'm around 90 I try having glucose tabs because it just looks like medication. I also have a little trouble focusing when I'm low which might effect my grade. I just hope to feel better as fast as possible. I've noticed what time I am usually low at school so I pretty much know what do do for what blood sugar.

I made new friends that I had to explain what I had. I don't really mind taking time to explain it to my friends, but I don't really like explaining to people I don't know.

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