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September 1, 2016
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The Diabetics

"I feel bad for the nurse," Charlie said.

At lunchtime, four of her "diabetics" storm the nurse's office shouting out blood sugars and carbohydrates while she oversees the administration of insulin. Charlie tells us it's pretty chaotic.

I picture numbers being tossed around hectically like a stock exchange with the nurse at the center of the madness. Like a type 1 diabetes factory, she takes care of each one and sends them on their way to the lunchroom.

She calls the type 1 kids her "diabetics" which makes Susanne cringe every time. It's hard to take too much umbrage with it though and it seems nitpicky knowing how much she has on her plate and how well she is doing under the circumstances.

You'd like to think that seeing three other type 1 kids testing and dosing would be an interesting thing for Charlie and that maybe it would make him feel not so different and alone.

"So, Charlie, is it good to see someone else testing his sugar?"

"I dunno."

"Is it interesting to see how many carbs another kid eats for lunch? Ya know, to like compare?"

"I dunno."

"Have you talked to any of them?"


Okee Dokee.

Susanne has been on hold while the nurse was dealing with one of the other "diabetics" and found it very interesting to overhear lunchtime carbs that were almost identical to Charlie's.

I'm not suggesting that Charlie has to become great friends with these kids just because they share the same disease, but it might be nice to compare notes.

Or who knows. Maybe an occasional pump bump.

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