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October 25, 2016
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The Word is "Seizure"

There is much to discuss regarding Charlie and the start of the school year. With Charlie being one of six kids with type 1 diabetes in the sixth grade, it has been interesting so far.

Although we are sad to leave our elementary school nurses who - over the years - became vital members of Charlie’s diabetes team, there is a comfort in a new nurse at a bigger school who has seen her fair share of kids with the disease.

When we started elementary school, they hadn’t seen a type 1 student before. Susanne and I went in there and inadvertently scared the crap out of them with talk of Glucagon and 911. The nurse at the middle school, however, has been there, done that. She could talk the talk whether it is “bolus” or “active insulin” and hearing those words leave her lips was indeed reassuring.

Not so reassuring was something that happened in English class when the teacher gave a very unfortunate explanation of a vocabulary word.


The teacher tried to help the class understand the word.

“For example,” she said. “Sometimes people with diabetes have seizures when their blood sugar is too high or too low.”

Really? That’s what we’re going with? Epilepsy could have been another option. I can only imagine the look on Charlie’s face. But wait, it gets worse.

A lovely boy seated near Charlie decided this would be a good time to announce to the class that Charlie had diabetes.

How about that?!? What a coincidence. Thanks, kid.

Recognizing her mistake, the teacher apologized to Charlie and moved on to the next vocabulary word:



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