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October 28, 2016
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The Runner In Me

I have been, on off nights from dance and other things, increasing the time and distance of my runs. I've even started running outdoors (not something I've ever done or enjoyed). At least once a week, I run the city streets and each week I venture to go a little longer. I've built up to about an hour at a time, which for me equals almost six miles. What do I think when I'm done most nights, other than "better test, because I'm not sure why my knees are wobbly"? I think, "huh, I might actually be a runner."

That's a thought that eight years ago I would have laughed at. Even five years ago. Two years ago, I might have said "I could be a runner, but I'm not." Look at me now, self.

If I could write a letter to my past self, it would say this....

Dear Nicole,

Don't wait, start today. You don't even realize the things you can achieve, you just have to start. I know it's hard. I know you don't like the way that exercise feels, I know you like the things you eat. I know you think it doesn't matter. Stop hiding behind the fat and the excuses, life is going to be amazing when you do.

Get running, get going, do this. You will be shocked by what your body will do once you start giving it good fuel and getting your joint and bones moving. You're going to look younger, feel younger. You're going to want to be healthier. You're going to set more goals and do more things.

Please don't wait. Do it today!!!! PUT DOWN THE TWINKIE...

Love, Nicole

Today, I am a runner. And it feels damned good. Even though she took her time, I'm glad that past self finally got things started.

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