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October 26, 2016
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It all seemed way too easy.

"Charlie! Come downstairs! We need to numb your arm!"

Down he flew, the wood steps squealing under his weight; responding like a firefighter to a blaze. Who was this imposter?

Susanne dabbed a pea-sized blob of numbing cream on a piece of IV 3000 tape and pressed it onto a meaty section of Charlie's arm.

No stalling tactics. No last-minute negotiations. No whining. No absolute refusals. Just a kid standing in the kitchen with some numbing cream. What the hell was going on?

I went for a run while the numbing cream did its thing. A bug flew in my eye. I wondered if it was an accidental collision or if it was intentional; a suicide bomber risking its life for the greater cause. What that greater cause was, I didn't know exactly. Bugs and me got no beef.

Wiping the bug carcass from my eye, my thoughts drifted back to Charlie. Was he just getting older and more mature? Does he finally get why it's so important to wear the Dexcom? Did he see the same story I did about that young woman in England who didn't wake up? God, I hope not. Could it be possible that he likes having it on?

When I got home and it was time, Charlie asked if we could put it on him while he played his Xbox. He was playing online with friends and was unable to pause the game, he told me.

"What's this?" I thought. While playing Xbox? This is something new. Where's the kicking and screaming? Where's the squeezing of my hand?

Charlie did pause for just a moment, but only to announce into his headset that "something was just injected into my arm."

A soldier with a smile, reporting that the enemy has found him.

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