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October 25, 2016
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Charlie Writes About Middle School

I am around a month away from middle school and I'm wondering how it will work with diabetes there. I feel like I got so used to the schedule in the elementary school with handling my diabetes, and I was finally knowing everything I had to do each day, and now I'm going somewhere completely different and I will probably have to do different things at different times.

I am a little worried that I'm going to miss lots of classes and other things because I won't be used to the new schedule. The good news is that I know that there will be around four other kids with diabetes coming to this school so I'm most likely not the only one that might have this problem.

I am also slightly worried about being made fun of because I have diabetes. I'm afraid people will think that I have diabetes because of something I did wrong with my body like eating too much unhealthy food. I know it doesn't matter, but it still worries me a little.

My parents did get me a phone this summer so now I can talk to my mom or dad about what I need to do at school. I also can send pictures to them of what I am eating if there is a treat at school. At elementary school, I could not do that. The phone makes it a lot easier and maybe I can stay away from the nurse’s office more often.

I know things are going to be much different in middle school, but I think I am ready for the change.

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